Heaven’s Delight


The ripples on the water continue

with the stream on and on to slowly dissipate.

They sail for a little while not knowing

they  will not  make it or be around           

They don’t know how long they have

to continue on with the speed and flow    

Time is short when suddenly

they fizzle out and then they are gone


How fast time passes in these earthly spaces

filled with the cares of this world

They litter our little lives as we pick up

to throw away and continue to strive

Our lives are challenged in the direction

that thrives; we tend to go right instead of left

One is certain to be on the left track

if the rain, sun, and stars are a wonder to us


There’s a Divine being that is so in love with you

He’s looking for an answer to his delight

Knowledge like this is overwhelming

when the Creator loved us first in spite of ourselves

Waiting to gather us into his arms, seeking to find

who will reciprocate his atoning love

Making all things possible for He has loved us

way before our beating hearts had a start


He became flesh and dwelled among us

knowing every possible way to understand our rot

He for filled all the requirements of Deity

and has purchased a remnant with His life and love

Are you part of that remnant? Separate your life

to receive all he has for you here and beyond

You’ll reap the benefits of eternal life forever 

living in the Lord’s heavenly delight


             Copyright © 2016 by House in the Sky Production
                                 Albee Rodney-05/27/16
                      Website: albeerodney.wordpress.com

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About Albee Rodney

I Like to read, write poems and lyrics (songs) with music.

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