Living Eyes

Living eyes  








Living eyes all looking in different directions

The good and the bad living out their intention

In a world masqueraded with deceit most of its time

The eyes of perception keep watching, looking for signs


The eyes above rampage thru a sea of stifled images

Their view in scope is of life being slowly diminished

Many sites lead to different aspirations and needs

Hungry eyes keep searching and wait to be perceived


Eyes of love are inspired and lead to many inspections

They test the water in various degrees and dimensions

Their sight is obscured by haste and natural selection

A lesson to be learned in life’s ever-present sensation


Blind are eyes that see beyond the cold and darkness

The eyes with a heart feel the warmth and sadness

Like the waves that runway in their futile solitude

And then return manifested in their full magnitude


Every day life’s stories are told and then console

Eyes of wonder stay open and then gently close

It’s an amazing thing to see all there is to believe

The eyes partner with the mind the pictures it sees


Lurking and waiting the eyes that lie are coming to talk

They’ll stare and not blink at the one taking a long walk   

To lead you down the garden path with words and all

Your heart must discern the meaning before or it will fall


Under the sun where most of the eyes naturally look on

They open and close to the perception of life all around

In this realm, living eyes are embodied in many forms

The Universe has conceived how it sees and conforms


Copyright © 2006 by House In The Sky Production/Albee Rodney-11/24/06



About Albee Rodney

I Like to read, write poems and lyrics (songs) with music.

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